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Client Name: Greenstone Ventures

Project: Clarksville Commons

Location: Clarksville, MD

Facility Type: Mixed Use – Retail / Office

Project Size: 50,000 GSF

Project Completion: May 2017

Project Description

The Clarksville Commons sustainable mixed-use project consisted of two buildings (North & South Building). The North Building is 27,624 GSF and the South Building is 20,541 GSF. Clarksville Commons is designed for future retail, restaurant, and office fit-outs. The project achieved LEED 2009 Certification.  

HBS Solutions provided Building Commissioning Services in accordance with the LEED 2009 Fundamental Commissioning prerequisite. Through the Commissioning process, HBS Solutions was able to verify all energy related systems were installed, calibrated and operate according to the design intent. This included two separate Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar Systems on each building. 

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